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Catherine XavierWhen the body lives yesterday

Traumatic memories are primarily implicit. Those implicit memories live on as bodily sensations, emotions, and behavioural patterns, even though the traumatic situation has long gone. Especially early traumata may result in long-standing conditions of stress and in a permanent raised arousal. Under the influence of such a global high arousal, we have little abilities to stand against pressure. We are very sensitive to stimuli from outside, and often the inner arousal persists without such stimuli. It can manifest itself in holding back breath, in muscular tension, or in the contraction of internal organs. That long-standing dysregulation may lead to various symptoms.

Equal to the permanent raised arousal we create our „outer“ life: excessive working, exercise-addiction, and activity-addiction. We are not able to calm down without the help of alcohol, drugs or medication. The actual reasons are suppressed into the unconsciousness. However, our body remembers. Our organism is frozen in the experience of former trauma. It feels like the traumatic situation is still present. „Time heals all injuries“ does not count for trauma. Dissociated traumatic experiences are static and do not change due to new life circumstances. The past persists, and it prevents us from living in the present.

Via the Intention Method, we gain access to our unconscious traumatic experiences, and we are able to assimilate it. The goal is to re-establish our healthy personality. This method will be presented on the basis of a practical example.


Catherine Xavier, born 1974, studies in Gießen and Berlin, now living in Berlin, 2013 Training in IoPT with Franz Ruppert, also training in Somatic experiencing. Naturopath, teacher at the Paracelsus School in Berlin. She runs her own practice in this city. 
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