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Gerlinde FischedickHealthy and Vibrantly Alive: Is that possible?

What does 'healthy and vibrantly alive' mean? And what can you do to promote this state?

The subconscious self is very delicate: traumas result in separation between the self and the body and express themselves via bodily pain.

The psychological self comes into being as early as at conception. While a human being is growing in their mother's womb, his/her psyche and organism are impacted by the mother's living organism and her psychological traumas. Early traumatizing experiences tend to have a more profound and lasting impact and may manifest later as physical abnormalities.

No other creature needs to be taken care of for as long as the human infant, who during the first year of her life is not even able to stand on his/her own legs. The human infant is totally dependent on his/her caretakers. A wide range of factors---being wanted or not, every ambivalence between the father and the mother, all kinds of pressures, the social conditions, religious aspects and acceptance or rejection of the child's gender as well as shock and stress---can create trauma. Rarely does a child grow up under ideal circumstances.

Every individual comes to develop his/her own trauma biography. The constellation of the intention, an approach developed by Prof. Franz Ruppert, enables the individual to gradually disengage from his/her own trauma biography. Step by step, it becomes clear what happened, why we react in particular ways. Internal victim-perpetrator structures can be overcome, allowing our healthy parts to come forth and form our healthy self. The pain we used to experience will almost magically disappear, since we emotionally understand what it wants us to pay attention to.

I had the privilege experiencing of my own psychological and physical health getting restored and am infinitely grateful for that, thus I am looking forward to the intentions presented by the participants. The order of candidates will be determined by drawing lots.


Gerlinde Fischedick, Psychological Systemic Therapist, Psychological Counsellor, Attorney, Certified Mediator. Own practice in Hannover, Germany. 
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