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Manuela Specht

Early Trauma and Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease has a major impact on our metabolic functions and affects the entire organism. What has irritated the thyroid so much that it either works too little or too much, or is it possibly chronically inflamed? Can the lifetime in the womb be the source of “thyroid health and disease”? In the womb, we are under the influence of maternal hormones. If the mother is stressed and can’t regulate herself, she releases hormones or adrenaline in high doses permanently. Such stressful stimuli can harm the unborn child’s health and, among other things, be the foundation for a later thyroid disorder.

In my workshop, participants have the chance to look at the cause of their thyroid disease with the help of their own "sentence of intention". What can we do for ourselves and for our health, so that our organism no longer has to be in a traumatized state?


Manuela Specht, registered nurse, training in psychology, psychotherapy, voice dialogue, solution-oriented trauma work, training in identity-oriented psychotrauma theory and therapy, psychological counselor, trauma support, setting up the sentence of intent in private practice in Bad Tölz, co-author "Early Trauma". 
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