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Marta Thorsheim

Child ritual sexual abuse, and possible consequences

In my first encounters with people who had experienced sexual abuse within religious societies 15 years ago, I thought this were rear occasions. Later I learned that many clients have been exposed to sexual assaults in religious societies, including paedophile rings and ritual abuse, within different societies, already from the age of newborn. Made into objects and even conceived to be sexual toys, I consider it a miracle how they survived, went to school, studied and worked. Thanks to their trauma-survival-parts, who protected them from the memories. And to the price of having lost contact to their bodies, healthy I and healthy will.

Some has always had fragments of memory but learned to not trust themselves and their memories. Also when meeting the health care system, where no one was interesting in “what happened to you”, even when they shared their fragmented memories with psychologists, they were told “no, of course you have not experienced this”, just as their caretakers had told them when they tried to share as small children. Diagnosed with mental and physical illnesses, like “burnout syndrome”, all kind of skin diseases, ME, eating disorders, cancer, osteoporosis, self harm etc.

By means of IoPT the suppressed memories may come into consciousness and with emotional contact the healthy structures mature and grow, as the bodily symptoms and pain resides.

After the talk there will be possibility for one Identity constellation, preferably with someone having the experience of ritual, sexual abuse as small child and now being diagnosed with some “disease”.


Marta Thorsheim is founder of Institute for Traumawork in Oslo, Norway. Co-author of Franz Rupperts Early Trauma and My Body, My Trauma and My I. Psychotraumatherapist IoPT and organizing Franz Ruppert’s International Advanced Training, running IoPT workshops and trainings in Norway and other countries, no starting also to work in the USA. 
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