Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Vivian Broughton

Skills and Practice Forum

My aim in this event is to provide a space for the exploration of participants' questions, uncertainties and difficulties as practitioners. As IoPT theory and method become increasingly defined and sophisticated, it dictates a philosophy and ethic of practice. What are the important requirements of the practitioner when working with trauma as IoPT defines it? How do we translate this into activity? What does it mean in practice to "hold the balance"? What are your questions about your practice, whether in the one-to-one session or in the group?

I will facilitate a process using the Intention Method to look at some of the questions raised.


Vivian Broughton, I have been a practising psychotherapist for 30 years and have been a student of Franz Ruppert’s work since 2005. With this combination, issues of skill and practice are close to my heart. I have written three books, two on Franz Ruppert's work. I have also edited the English language editions of all of Franz's books. I have founded The Centre for Healthy Autonomy in London. 
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