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Patrizia ManukianMy lungs, my trauma, my I

The definition of the word "lung" means external exchange. The lung is emotionally and mentally a multi-layered organ and is strongly linked with our early childhood. Did we have enough room to live, think, and feel? Do we let too much affect us and as a result, hold on tightly or release it again? Often, our pattern of thinking and behaviour is connected to infected or ill lungs.

Breathing is a regular process. To be able to inhale we must first exhale, which leads us to the most important symbolism of breathing: uptake and release, giving and taking. Breathing is associated with language because the voice is developed through the breathing air. Speaking is a resounding exhalation, and vocalizations are further expressive variants of breathing.

Word expressions like "gasping for air", "holding my breath", " to fight for breath”, "to be smothered by worries ", give us important information about our feelings and survival mechanisms.

"Asthma" is an expiratory spasm and often refers to an aversion to contact, touch and relationship. This fear leads to confinement, helplessness, and powerlessness, which often lead to more oppressed aggression. In the case of dry coughs, one often sees people who strongly criticize themselves and are full of self-reproach. A cough itself can also be a symptom to keep people away and to maintain a certain distance.
Pneumonia is life threatening. The fear of exchanging air with the outside world has become so frightening that one prefers to suffocate and die.

In my workshop we can embark on a voyage of discovery on what respiratory diseases want to say and to bring the causes to light in order to get in touch with ourselves. It will be selected in a draw to determine who may work on their issue.


Patrizia Manukian, born in 1967 in Zurich , graduated naturopath , kinesiologist , Craniosacral therapist, 2004 encounter with the trauma-constellations and constellations of the intention, 2010-2013 training in Munich with Prof Franz Ruppert for multigenerational Psychotraumatology. Since 2010 self-encounter-processes in groups and individual work in Italy. Organizes and translates seminars and lectures by Franz Ruppert in Italy. 
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