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Christina Freund

Workshop So08: Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, 11:00 am – 01.00 pm

Victim and perpetrator parts arise in traumatic violent experiences. They are interdependent. Thus, our victim parts lead us to our perpetrator parts. These are structures in our personality, in which hurtful, destructive energies, which made us into victims, have been stored and bound. Because of these reasons we hurt ourselves and / or others. While we "welcome" victim parts, we frequently, reject perpetrator parts. We protect ourselves from these destructive parts and defend ourselves against these aggressively. So we find ourselves again in infringing perpetrator-victim dynamics. Therefore, it is not surprising that we hide, trivialize and deny our perpetrator parts in counseling and therapy,––and do not even take these with us to individual sessions or group seminars. Why are there parts within me that hurt me and / or others? How can I recognize and deal with my perpetrator parts? How can I helpingly deal with my perpetrator parts? And also: How can I cope with the perpetrator parts in other people? 

This workshop is looking for answers to these questions based on my short theoretical introduction, a concrete "self-encounter with (un) known perpetrator parts" and a final reflection. 

Christina Freund, born 1974, 1st State Exam German / History (LA Gymnasium), Qualified Social Worker with further training on trauma counseling/Trauma Education (Lutz-Ulrich Besser, zptn Niedersachsen) and trauma constellation with Franz Ruppert. Since 2009 seminars and individual work in private practice and since 2012 lecturer at the KSFH Munich.

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