Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Bettina Schmalnauer

Workshop Sa04: Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, 11:00 am – 01:00 pm

Many are faced with the challenge of accommodating work, family, and partnership. Often our parents are not the best role models. Knowing––"That's not how I want to do it!"––Is not enough. It is just as big a mistake to live contrary to our parents lives. For other people, the mother or the father are THE role model––"I want to be just like them!"––Which might sound nice, but at a closer look contains nothing of their own. Many notice that in their relationship to their own children, somethings not "right" "How to do it otherwise? “is the question. The same applies to partnerships. I do not want the relationship my parents had, or––"Everything was wonderful, why can I not succeed?" The interesting question is: "Am I living a role? Do I live what I want, or what is expected of me? "An important point is, how much of my profession do I carry home to my family. Am I mentally present or still at work? In order to change something, it takes an honest look at my relationship with my mother and father, starting from birth. What did I receive, and what was neglected? What am I repeating and how do I compensate? To be able to provide for myself, my children and my partnership, a healthy, adult "I" is needed. Can I take good care of myself, can I manage to have a healthy relationship with myself and thus also a family in the present? By means of "exploring the sentence of concern" both can be succeeded. Today as an adult I can make my own decisions, reorient myself and provide for myself. So that we can succeed in living the life that we want here and now.

Bettina Schmalnauer, born in 1970, in second marriage, three daughters. 2011 training with Prof. Ruppert, since then constantly with him in practice and in his seminars. Self-employed in private practice since 2008 with BodyTalk, life counselor, coaching, work by Franz Ruppert in monitoring individual and groups. 

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