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Stephan Niederwieser

Workshop So03: Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, 11:00 am – 01:00 pm

Sexuality is much more than a vehicle for the continued existence of mankind. Through sexuality, contact is made with a counterpart. It is communication on a physical, emotional and mental level. This is the reason why physical closeness, touching, body warmth of another human being, as well as being seen, are reason enough to activate unpleasant, painful or traumatic experiences within us. If we are not able to assign these feelings to the initial scenario and situation, it seems reasonable to give the other person the blame. The consequences are relationship problems and further emotional splitting as well as sexual disturbances preventing us from having a pleasurable and fulfilling sexuality.

In this workshop the point is, to understand the meaning and function of sexuality beyond mere reproduction. After a brief overview of the development of sexual maturity, I will discuss the requirements, on how to develop a healthy relationship with our body, to our genitals, to our partner and to our own sexuality and which experiences can interfere with this inner bonding. Using a series of case studies, I will show what consequences overwhelming experiences can have on sexual development.

Following the lecture, I offer the possibility to learn about the perhaps unrecognized potentials or even experienced oppressive encounters of one's sexuality and integrate them if possible. Interested participants will be selected in a draw.

Stephan Niederwieser, born in 1962 in Bavaria studied in New York and Munich, lives in Berlin since of 2004. Naturopath since 1989. Hakomi therapist (experience-oriented body psychotherapy), Constellations since 2009. Training with Franz Ruppert 2013. Works with individuals and groups in his …

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