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Franz Ruppert

Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, 09:15 – 10:30 am

The focus on our own will has been neglected in recent years. Too rapidly has the focus been directed on the trauma and the definitions, which thus, emerged in the psyche. But for lasting and sustainable change to happen, a deliberate decision is needed. Therefore, in working with the "sentence of intention" the "will" plays an important role. And the question arises: How does our "will" develop? What promotes and what hinders it? How do traumatic experiences influence the major formation of a free human will?

Franz Ruppert, born in 1957, professor of psychology at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Foundation in Munich, psychotherapist in private practice trainings and supervisions, leads worldwide seminars and lectures.

Since 1994 he has developed his own theory and method of Psychotherapy. The "Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Theory" is the basis for a method that he calls "Self-encounter with the Sentence of Intention". The development of his theory and method are documented in seven books (Relationships in the Professional World ", 2001," Confused Souls, "2002" Trauma, bonding and family constellations ", 2005," Splitting of the Soul and Inner Healing ", 2007" Symbiosis and Autonomy“, 2010 "Trauma, Fear and Love", 2012) and "Early Trauma", in 2014. His books have been translated into English, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Polish, Turkish and Dutch.

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