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Diana Lucia Vasile

Diana L. Vasile

My I, my body, my life - IBODY

Recently I wondered about these words: everybody, nobody, somebody, anybody. Can you see what I mean? Even nobody is a body. Are you a body? Or do you have a body? Do you feel your body? When do you really feel alive? What and who gives you energy? Do you find yourself comparing your life, yourself, your characteristics with others? Do you live YOUR life?

If you ever wondered about feeling alive or staying alive, about being more energetic (not tired or exhausted), or about your body and how vital it is, this workshop is for you. It helps you to better realise the connection between your own vitality and who you really are, your inner strength. If you want to enhance your vitality, maybe live longer or getting healthier, you need to clarify your own inner dynamic, the way you move, the way you create movements, the way you drain your energy away or turn it against yourself without knowing this. You can become aware of what happened to you when you experienced the first movements in and with your body. In addition, we have been moving since we were 2 months old in our mothers’ womb. It helps you discover inside yourself what the results of many studies in recent years show: how early traumas influence our movements, our body, wellbeing and vitality. You have a chance to connect with and feel the main source of life-energy: IBODY. Because everybody is a body.


Diana Lucia Vasile has been practicing trauma psychotherapy for more than 17 years. She earned her PhD studying family traumas, resilience and posttraumatic growth. She is a professor, speaker and trainer, teaching and talking about people’s potential and how trauma impacts it and transforms our identity and health. Diana is the co-founded and the president of The Institute for the Study and the Treatmant of Trauma in Bucharest, Romania, a leading institution in trauma psychology and psychotherapy. 
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