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Hedwig Nießen

Hedwig Niessen

Symptoms of Illness - friend or enemy?

During the constellations we often experience, that symptoms of illness are not encountering us as enemies. Obviously, they seem to demonstrate, that something in our body has lost its balance and is corresponding to an emotional imbalance. The fear that can be caused by physical symptoms gets less, when we start to understand their reasons. Our body may start healing, when we get in touch with our injured parts, which we had to split off in order to survive.

This workshop offers the possibility to connect symptoms of illness consciously to their emotional reasons.


Hedwig Nießen, born in 1954 in the Rhineland, the mother of two young adults. After a graduate teaching degree, she was trained for trauma and educator Trauma-centered expert advisor. She works since 1995 in crisis counseling and youth services. In 2012, she learned the identity-oriented Psycho Trauma Therapy by Prof. Dr. Ruppert and provides this method to individual clients and groups. Practice in Tübingen und Stuttgart. 
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