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Mette Mehus

Mette MehusMy Body, My Trauma, My I From a Child’s perspective

«I want to get rid of my allergy», «less stress», «Why was I blind?» «Why am I so cold?» These are some Sentences of the Intention of my young clients. Exploring the children’s sentence or painting usually points to Trauma of Identity, sometimes Trauma of Loss or Trauma of Violence in addition. Often there are identifications with mother, father, siblings or grandparents. Since working with children, youths and their families always have interested me as a nurse and school nurse, its been really exciting bringing IoPT into therapy. It opens a way to the most hidden feelings trying to hide the traumas. Suddenly an understanding for the uneasiness, anxiety, sadness appears in the child. I usually work one-to-one with the children, sometimes with one parent in the room. I often hear the child exclaim: «How can you feel what I feel?» Then they are very curious about the rest of their sentence or painting.

When trying to explain Franz Ruppert’s brilliant method IoPT I once used a guitar in explaining resonance, a child asked: «Is it what the whales do while sending their signals looking for food? Like sonar signals?» Children are genious! Moreover, they easily understand what happens on the floor. It seems to me that the children had better respond on IoPT when at least one of the parents do IoPT as well. When a parent can help the child to find meaning in its trauma and reactions, the child feels better. MOREOVER, of course, changes happen in the child’s life when a parent is doing IoPT and is really taking responsibility of its own life.

Welcome to explore your childs illness or any topic relating to your child.

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Mette K. Mehus, Traumatherapist IoPT with own practice near Oslo. Training with Marta Thorsheim at Institute of Traumawork in Norway since 2011. Former education and practice as a nurse and schoolnurse/public health nurse. I am a proud Mom of three wonderful children born 1993, 1995 and 1999. 
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